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A Platypus Never Forgets



Previous Chapter

The Fall of Major Monogram

Next Chapter

Memoirs of a Monogram

Released on

October 5, 2012


Where's My Perry?

 'A Platypus Never Forgets is the fifth chapter of Where's My Perry?. It is introducing the Reflectinator - that is

the mirrors which is block the laser into the different direction


Level 5-1: "Behold, The Reflectinator!"

Level 5-2: "Mirror, Mirror"

Level 5-3: "Sleet Sheet"

Level 5-4: "Two-Way Mirror"

Level 5-5: "Mirror Image"

Level 5-6: "Bide Your Time"

Level 5-7: "Free 4 All"

Level 5-8: "The Frozen Gnome"

Level 5-9: "Crack the Safe"

Level 5-10: "Leave the Busting to Us!"

Level 5-11: "Dy-gnome-ite"

Level 5-12: "Avoid the Spotlight"

Level 5-13:" Laser Tag"

Level 5-14: "Take it to the Top"

Level 5-15: "Double Down"

Level 5-16: "Up and Over"

Level 5-17: "Power Down"

Level 5-18: "Pass it Over"

Level 5-19: "Sidewinder"

Level 5-20: "Fun House"

Perry Bonus Level: "Seeing Double"

Doof-inators Bonus Level: "Beat the Beams"

Secret Files

Agent Squirrel

Agent Pinky(Pinky the Chihuahua)

Agent Racoon




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