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The levels in this level pack consists of 10 different level in the full version of the Mystery Duck . Unlike the full version, you do not need to pay money to play the levels. There are Mystery Ducks levels from Meet Swampy , Troubled Waters , Under Pressure and Sink or Swim . None of them are from Change is Good as the presence of Poison Water and Toxic Ooze .They are once playable if you update your application to v.1.3.1. along with the new levels in Swampy's Picks . There are another 10 more levels once you update it to v.1.4.0.

Levels (v1.3.1.)

Level 2-1: It'll Grow Onto You

Level 2-2: Deep Dig

Level 2-3: Do A Sweet Jump

Level 2-4: Can You Take Me Higher? (There, and Back Again) *

Level 2-5: Under the Radar

Level 2-6: Mine Field

Level 2-7: Rat in a Maze

Level 2-8: Curse of the Algae Beard

Level 2-9: Before it Grows

Level 2-10: Apply Pressure

  • The level used is actually There, and Back Again.

Levels (v1.4.0.)

Level 2-1: Choose Wisely

Level 2-2: Divert

Level 2-3: Three Scoops

Level 2-4: Bomb Chain

Level 2-5: Can You Take Me Higher?

Level 2-6: Two is Better Than One

Level 2-7: Redirection

Level 2-8: Around the Bombs

Level 2-9: Flip the Switches

Level 2-10: Momentum 101

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