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The chapter picture, shown in the game.

10 Days of Frankenweenie (also known as 10 Days of Frankenducky) is a new set of levels in Where's My Water? Free made to sponsor the new Disney movie, Frankenweenie. They are once playable if you update to v1.5.0. The levels were released from September 27-October 6, 2012. They have new Halloween music and there is a trailer of the upcoming Frankenweenie movie. Everything in the levels are in black and white (except Swampy, Allie, Cranky and the water), as a nod to the black-and-white style of the movie. There are 10 levels in this level pack.


Level 2-1 (27/9) : Skeleton Dance

Level 2-2 (28/9) : Dark and Stormy

Level 2-3 (29/9) : Ghost Buster

Level 2-4 (30/9) : Tower of Terror

Level 2-5 (1/10) : Haunted Mansion

Level 2-6 (2/10) : Six Feet Under

Level 2-7 (3/10) : Catacombs

Level 2-8 (4/10) : Along Came A Swampy

Level 2-9 (5/10) : Dark Descent

Level 2-10 (6/10): Hydrant

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